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  • TWOBIU Garlic Press, FDA Approved Garlic Mincer and Chopper, Garlic Peeler Silicone Tube Roller and Crusher, Garlic Chopper Stainless Steel

    •SUS-304不锈钢:这种大蒜压榨金属是由坚固,高品质的SUS-304食品级不锈钢制成,以确保其耐用性和长寿命。最重要的是,这种大蒜压榨机是经过FDA批准的,您可以放心地使用这台大蒜压榨机和削皮器在您的日常烹饪中。 •高效新闻大蒜切碎机:用这种大蒜压榨机切碎未剥皮和去皮的大蒜丁是快速和容易的。简单的挤压可以为您节省大量的时间和精力。更好的是,这种大蒜切碎机的目的是将大蒜剁碎成均匀的大小,达到最小的大蒜浪费。 •大蒜压榨机:这种大蒜压榨机和斩拌机设计为重型结构,但不是太重的抓地力,加上大蒜按照人体力学设计的良好把手,使大蒜切碎,无菌,简单和有趣的工作在你的厨房做! •带清洁工具的大蒜压榨器:这种大蒜压榨不锈钢工具配有一个可旋转的大蒜压榨机大料斗,不仅可以装上大蒜瓣,还可以用刷子轻松清洁。对于大蒜按洗碗机安全,你也可以把它放在你的洗碗机,以节省您的时间。 •免费奖金!:这个大蒜新闻套件配有一个高效的大蒜削皮器硅胶管辊和高品质的清洁刷是实用的。现在订购,你会得到30天的退款保证和生命时间保证加上终生客户支持。
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  • TWOBIU Digital Thermometer – Instant Read Thermometer Baby Thermometer, Dual Mode Ear & Forehead Thermometer, FDA Approved Infrared Thermometer for Infant, Toddler & Adult …

    ❤ Dual Mode Instant Read Thermometer: This infant thermometer combines with the functions of an infrared forehead thermometer and an in-ear thermometer (suitable for 3 months or above infants). Switch between either modes in just a touch of a button. A large and clear LCD backlit display makes it super easy to read! ❤ Intelligent Fever Warning: TWOBIU digital baby forehead thermometer comes with intelligent abnormal temperature warnings. When the reading exceeds 99.5°F/37.5°C, this fever thermometer will warn the user with 10 rapid and short beeps & the readings turning red with it's high temperature thermometer warning system! ❤ 20 Memory Readings: This body thermometer comes with the feature of saving and tracking 20 precious digital readings, which allows you to observe the changing of the temperature easily and help you decide whether you should call your doctor. Checking and delecting memories from this baby infrared thermometer is also a cinch! ❤ Safe and Easy To Use: Compare to other baby thermometers, TWOBIU infrared thermometer is CE, FDA Approved and made of toxic free materials which can be safely used on babies. This ear and forehead baby thermometer applies to all age groups who are suffering from a fever! Even beginners could take temperature in 1 second. ❤ Best Gift Idea: This quick read thermometer baby and aldult generic version is suitable for babies, toddlers and adults. The baby thermometer forehead mode is exellent for it's non-contact feature, take your babys temperture without waking them up, making it a deal gift for your family and friends, specially for new parents. 30 days money back guarantee!
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  • TWOBIU Pet Deshedding Brush for Dogs & Cats, Dog Shedding Brush, Cat Deshedding Tool with Fur Ejector, Cat & Dog Brushes for Shedding Short Hair To Medium Length Hair

    ♦Rdeduce Loose Hair Up To 90%: Remove up to 90% of shedding fur, undercoat and dead hair from your pets of all sizes. This is a combo of cat & dog brushes for shedding short hair to medium length hair, such as Husky, Bullmastiff, German Shepherd or cats, hamsters, ferrets and rabbits. Dog Grooming Kit: It comes with 2 popular sizes of blade in a set, 4inches & 2.6inches. The blade is made of rust free, blunt free premium stainless steel, which makes it easier to reach deep under your pet’s topcoat to remove loose hair without cutting the live hair or injuring the skin. One Key Hair Ejector: When you're done brushing your pet, simply click the HAIR EJECTOR on top of your dog & cat brush. Easy, efficient and convenient, making this not only the an ideal deshedding tool for short hair dogs and but also a perfect pet brushes for shedding hair from cats. Ergonomic Shaped Handle: This brush deshedding tool has an Ergonomic designed non-slip rubber handle that makes it extra comfortable to grip and provides necessary frictional forces to prevent it from slipping away while deshedding your pet, which may twist your pet's hair and hurt your pet. Professional Dog grooming Brush: This is the pet beauty shops' favorite dog brushes for grooming! It is not only a cat deshedding tool but also dog shedding tools. We are so confident in our pet deshedding tool that we will provide LIFE TIME warranty for each and every of our customer. Order it now!
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  • TWOBIU Electric Balloon Pump, 110V 600W Portable Dual Nozzle Electric Balloon Inflator for Decoration with Balloons – Yellow

    • Fast and Easy to use: TWOBIU Electric balloon Pump is specifically designed to pump balloons faster and safer with features: Strong Air Pressure: 2.1 PSI, Airflow: 520L/min, Power: 600W. Durable and easy to use. With Auto or Semi-auto Inflating, your could even pump 2 balloons at a time! • Portable and Compact: With only 3lbs, this Electric balloon Pump is super Compact! It can be used to pump birthday balloons, or balloons for activities, house decoration and wedding! ( This is more suitable for round balloons, may not pump punch balloons or number balloons) • Unique, Superior Design: This balloon pump is designed in the very beautiful lemonish yellow and pink pink color. We also updated the cable storage, made the extention ports screwable, put anti-sliding pads at the bottom and lower the noise(lower than 85dB), also lengthen the power cable to 5 feet. • Gift Box and Free Gift: 20 pieces of 6 inches thick balloons for FREE in the package! Just pump them, attach balloon sticks to them and enjoy! We have also designed a delicate and recyclable packing box for the balloon pump. It could be the best gift for your balloon artist friends and families that have kids around! • Warranty and Service: We offer one year warranty and life time customer service for this product! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, our customer service will get in touch with you at their earliest!
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