TWOBIU Garlic Press


• SUS-304 Stainless Steel: This garlic press metal is made of solid, high quality SUS-304 food grade stainless steel to ensure it’s durability and long lifespan. And most of all, this garlic press chopper is approved by FDA, you can rest assured to use this garlic press and peeler set in your everyday cooking.
• Efficient Press Garlic Chopper: Mincing both unpeeled and peeled garlic cloves with this garlic press mincer is quickly and easily. A simple squeeze could save you a lot of time and efforts. Better yet, this garlic mincer is designed to mince garlic into fine and uniform size and achieve the minimum waste of garlic.
• Garlic Press Easy Squeeze: This garlic press and chopper is designed with heavy duty structure yet not too heavy to grip, together with garlic press good grips that are designed according with human body mechanics, making mincing garlic an efforless, easy and fun work to do in your kitchen!
• Garlic Press with Cleaning Tool: This garlic press stainless steel tool comes with a rotatable garlic press large hopper that not only fits big garlic cloves but also gets cleaned easier with the brush included. For garlic press dishwasher safe, you could also put it in the your dishwasher to save your time.
• FREE bonus!: This garlic press kit comes with an efficient garlic peeler silicone tube roller and a high quality cleaning brush that are pratical to use. Order now and you get 30 days money back guarantee and LIFE TIME warranty plus life time customer support.

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If you are a fan of garlic but fed up with chopping garlic by a kitchen knife, get a TWOBIU FDA approved garlic press garlic peeler set! This is absolutely a time saver and makes you fall in love in making garlic dishes. This garlic mincer chopper gives you minced garlic that is much smaller than you could get by hand chopping. Made of solid 304 stainless steel and well structured, this garlic press tool has been a must have for every cook.

Comes with A 100% Food Grade Silicone Garlic Press Roller:
This easy garlic peeler roll will help you remove garlic skin in seconds! Simply insert the garlic cloves into garlic peeler tube and place on a flat, sturdy surface. Then apply certain pressure with your hands rolling from palm to your fingers. You will hear/feel the skin come off for a perfect peeled piece of garlic.

Garlic Press Professional Design for Easy Squeeze :
This garlic press chopper is designed with easy to squeeze handles that make it even a perfect garlic press for seniors and teenagers. The garlic press large capacity allows it to hold 2 to 3 garlic cloves at a time, which make it more efficient, this can be a huge time saver if you are preparing food for more people. What’s more, the garlic press no need to peel garlic before hand, just squeeze, minced garlic comes out and peels stay in!

Please feel free to contact our customer service anytime you have a question! We will be answering your questions within 12 hours.

What’s in the package:
1X Garlic press
1X Silicone garlic peeler as gift
1X Cleaning Brush as gift
1X User Manual


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